Life Coaching

Sometimes we could use some help to face a challenge, make a change, or bring a dream to life. Therapy isn’t what you want, but you haven’t been able to do it on your own. Having an experienced professional coach can provide the challenge, support, and structure that it takes to change.

Whether you are seeking to grow in the sphere of work, relationship, stress management, self-image, health, or elsewhere, as a certified Integral Coach, I will design a program that guides you, step by step, in building the abilities you need to live the life you want.

Usually, we meet for an hour every other week, and meetings are $100/hour. Each session includes training in practices that will transform your way of approaching the situation. Program length may vary from only one or two sessions up to six months, depending on the topic and type of change desired.

Some of the most common topics I have coached include:

  • Working with less stress and greater work/life balance
  • Finding and realizing an authentic vocation
  • Developing emotional resilience, independence, and focus
  • Healing past relationship patterns and cultivating intimacy
  • Responding to anxiety and depression
  • Reducing cravings and negative habits

What type of change would you like to make in your life right now? I invite you to take an exploratory step and email me at We can explore whether my coaching would help you to make the change you are seeking, and you can come away with a better sense of how the coaching process works.